Lean Production

Automatic screwing system with collaborative robot on a manual production line

The system on the manual production line consists of a collaborative robot equipped with a screwing system with automatic screw feeding.
Thanks to the elimination of the manual screw grabbing, positioning and screwing phases, the operator is lifted by the repetitive and heavy screwing operation, thus making the best use of his skills for other operations.

The production capacity of the line increases by 40%, also increasing the quality of the process thanks to the ability to monitor the torque and the tightening angle and to trace and process all the screwing data made.



The ActiveAssist assistance system is a freely configurable software that supports employees with targeted information and help functions (image projection, video, quantity of objects to be taken, mounting information, etc.) and guides them intelligently, also warning the operator in case of his error, through the assembly process. The process is also controlled by a camera, ensuring the reliability, quality and correctness of assembly of the product.

Assembly line and testing of car horns

All stations are semi-automatic and are used to assemble the auto membrane horns. The line also performs all the tests, starting from the anechoic booths, up to the final packed product.

Assembly line and testing of new acoustic warning signal for electric cars

Automation consisting of Bosch Rexroth TS2 line, Pick-To-Light guided picking system, guided picking and filing system through images reproduced on monitors, final assembly control system on the Bosch pallet with Keyence vision and laser system. Manual screwing with torque and position control. The interlocking of the components in line and the evacuation of the empty boxes, is performed only from the back side, leaving the operators free on the operative side.

Assembly line of car antennas

Fully automatic assembly line of auto antennas.

SHA 01

Table for the assembly and packaging of structured cabling with components such as: adhesive tapes, clamps, labels, fairleads, connectors, clutches, staples etc. The wiring is arranged on guided stations with sensing sensors and devices for guided assembly (Pick-to-light).

Car cables line

Completely manual assembly line but with automatic quality control by vision system.

Single bench Testing cables 1

Manual bench for single cable assembly and electrical testing.

Single bench Testing cables 2

Manual bench for single cable assembly and electrical testing.

Single bench Testing cables 3

Manual bench for single cable assembly and electrical testing.

Transport pallet 1

Various types of pallets for use on Lean production lines.

Transport pallet 2

Various types of pallets for use on Lean production lines.