Rotary table for assembly, welding and quality control of caps

Rotary table equipped with 6 assembly stations with automatic product loading, 1 welding station using an ultrasound welder and 1 quality control station for checking the correct assembly of the cap.


Optical inspection

The vision system with digital camera is used for automatic production inspections in all industrial sectors including automotive, electronics, medical, food and packaging.

The system allows to carry out presence / absence checks, defects, colors, character recognition and much more, automatically discarding the defective pieces.


Automated system for picking and palletizing on sausage labeling machine

Automated system for the removal of cold cuts, from the loading belt via robot IRB360 FlexPicker. The cured meats, of different sizes and weights, arrive in bulk in the picking station where a vision system sends the coordinates to the robot for picking up and palletizing in the labeling system.


Leather Test

The Leather test carries out various tests such as: leather elasticity test, leather thickness test, visual test by a vision system. There is also a thermal printer for product traceability. Leather test lowers costs and guarantees quality and repeatability in the measurement process that only a machine with electronic control can have.


Load rolling machine with cobot

Roller feeding system with the use of a cobot, with a double gripper system, for picking up the screws. The screws are discharged into the hopper which gradually deposits them on a circular vibrator, which selects and places the screws in the correct position on a linear vibrator.


Electrical axis: Palletizers

Handling systems using electric axes. Catalog systems or self-built to design on specific requests.

Manual axis

Manual longitudinal push axis with electric axis for lifting the boxes.

Test cabin

Anechoic cabin for sound tests.

Loader on Work center 

Automatic storage and loading systems on work centers.

Vision system

Various systems of vision with the use of various brands including Keyence, Cognex or other at the request of the customer.

Automatic rotating table for assembly of dishwasher tablets

Rotary table for the assembly of the tablets for the dishwasher. Fully editable positions to adapt to the type of pads.

Welding machine

Component welding machine for thermostats (domestic use).

Siliconing system

Siliconising system of the sinks with automatic sink lift on three floors composed of conveyors, which make up a warehouse for silicone drying.

Antenna sealing test

Manual bench equipped for the sealing test of the car antennas.

Feeding system

Feeding system of various types:
  • Power supply via tape hopper.
  • Feeding with plate elevator.
  • Feeding with circular and / or linear vibrator with selection drawer.
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